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The Holidays are about to be over. After all the chaos of gift giving and shopping its time to move on and start the year right!It is a good thing to mark 2015 with some great giveaway. My Charmed Mom has collaborated with Sharon of  A Little Bit of Everything to give you a chance to win either $500 Paypal/Amazon cash, your choice. There will be 2 … [Read more...]

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I know everyone wants little bit of "extra" money. Here's a little treat to all My Charmed Mom readers. Thanks to Inter Packet News, Purple Monster Coupons has partnered up with a bunch of blogs to host a $25 Paypal prize to one lucky winner!  The giveaway will last for 2 weeks (from March 10 till March 24 and is open … [Read more...]

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2014 Resolutions $100 Paypal International Blog Giveaway

Welcome to $100 Paypal Cash 2014 Resolutions Giveaway - Sponsored by The Leaker News and Hosted by Giveaway Monkey together with BloggieAway and Parenting Patch. It’s that time of year again. Time for us to make a list of Resolutions that we will probably forget about by February. But it is a tradition so let's do it, anyhow. Giveaway One (1) … [Read more...]

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Welcome to the $200 PayPal Cash Giveaway, Sponsored by BestMark! Mystery shopping is a great way to not only save a little money, but earn some as well! Eat dinner or lunch out? Need to take the car in for an oil change? These are just a few of the examples of “shops” that you could perform as a BestMark mystery shopper. Simply apply for and complete the shops you’re … [Read more...]

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I guess all of us want some extra cash on our wallets. Even though it is tax season and time for refunds,extra moolah will definitely be still welcome! Whether you are going to use it for shopping, home improvement or paying off bills this is really an equal opportunity to bring in some cash to your pockets.  We all know how important our readers are. And to show you our … [Read more...]