Thankful Thursday!


This is really a call for celebration. I have mentioned before our pursuit of buying a new home, actually a mobile home and after three long months of waiting in vain for the deal to be approved then closed it was done yesterday. At the same time we were also handed the keys to our new home! Yay! You can't just imagine the happiness we felt as first time homeowners, but … [Read more...]

Cherry Picking In Brentwood

During the long Memorial weekend, we, together with some close friends decided to go cherry picking. I was quite excited as this is my first time to do such activity. Brentwood, California is about 61 miles from San Jose which means that travel time is more than an hour. Since our car, a 1995 Nissan Sentra is not stable to travel such distance, my husband and I decided to rely … [Read more...]

In Ceana's Eyes

I want to share some snapshots which were taken by my 28-month old daughter. From  the pictures we will be able to see the world in the way our children sees it. Our children grow up so fast, before we know it we're already clearing off their things and sending them off to college, and the next thing, we're already selling their used college books and visiting them in their … [Read more...]

My Morning Sickness Story Plus A $100 Giveaway

Having a child is what my husband and I prayed and wished for. I guess most married couples feel the same way. Would you believe that I already had a hunch that I was pregnant maybe after 24 hours my daughter was conceived? I don't know but my body just told me that "something" is happening. I started getting clumsy and dropped things which didn't happen … [Read more...]