Fashion-Forward Wrap Bracelets and Bangles

Bracelets have long played second fiddle to the necklace in women’s jewelry collections but not anymore! These fun pieces have seen a surge of interest in the past several years and women everywhere are giving the wrap bracelet another look. There are more ways than ever to wear these attractive pieces and the style possibilities are endless.

Bracelets for layering and texturing

ChanLuu bracelets offer you an easy way to create a layered, textured look. Multiple layers of jewelry accomplish the same thing that layer clothing does; you get a more interesting, dynamic look as a result. An outfit or a selection of coordinated jewelry looks more interesting and intriguing when layering is used to complete the look. Layering bangle bracelets gives you the chance to add surprising contrasting colors. That extra splash of color can transform an everyday outfit into something very chic and hip.

Texture is created by contrasting smooth with rough, soft with hard, stiff with pliant, solid with airy. Each piece of jewelry has its own textures which can be paired with the textures present in an outfit. For instance, a leather wrap bracelet might have a slightly rough texture with soft, pliant edges. Select additional bangles that have contrasting textures. Bright metal bands, colorful stones, or chunky wooden bracelets would all create an admirable textured look.

To increase the layering and texturing potential of your jewelry wardrobe, select bangles that do not have much in common. A wide range of looks is made possible when you have a selection of jewelry with many different style qualities. A few metal bangles, a few bracelets with shiny glass beads, and a few heirloom treasures can be mixed and matched for many great looks.


Adding a touch of class to your personal style

Jewelry is used to add a little extra style to an outfit. That style might be modern, fun-loving, or casual. Women are often challenged by needing to dress up an outfit, whether for a special date or an important occasion at work. Selecting pieces of jewelry that add a touch of class and high style to an outfit is just as important as it is to select items that express a more casual style. The right piece of jewelry can transform an outfit into something fit for a special occasion. To accomplish this you will need to look for jewelry that has some particular characteristics. Jewelry that is both classy and fashion-forward will have elements such as:

  • Glass beads 
  • Pearls or faux pearl 
  • Precious or semi-precious stones 
  • Stainless steel beads  
  • Neutral tones Earth color 
  • Silver and gold Shiny metal pieces

A wrap bracelet with a few of these qualities will have the ability to transform a simple look into one that is really eye-catching.

A leather wrap bracelet brings together several elements to make an enviable, one of a kind look. The natural appeal of leather paired with gleaming beads creates a youthful, energetic style. These great bracelets have lots of layering potential and it is easy to find examples with lots of classy elements for dressing up an outfit. Wrap bracelets can easily become one of your most useful items of jewelry. 


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