The Complete Guide to Probiotic Cleaning

Keeping a clean house is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but in recent years it has become increasingly apparent that the products we relied on in the past can do more harm than good.  Although heavy duty cleansers can be highly effective in removing dirt and grime, they can also leave behind potentially toxic residues that are hazardous to you and your family’s health.  There are a variety of alternatives available on the market with one of the most effective avenues being that of probiotics.  Probiotics are considerably different than the disinfectants and anti-bacterial cleaners that have been used for so long for cleaning.  The key difference is that probiotics, like the name sounds, actually promote the growth of microorganisms.  Now, right off the bat you may be wondering why you would actually want microorganisms growing in your home when you’ve done so much work to kill them in the past.  In fact, many microorganisms are both healthy to have around and can continue the cleaning process down to microscopic levels.  Use of probiotic cleaning products can help eliminate and prevent odors at their source, clean deep down beyond what you can see with the naked eye, create a safe microbial environment, and are totally eco-friendly.

Probiotic Products
There are a variety of home probiotic cleaning products on the market and different ones can be found for a variety of applications.   Probiotic cleaners make use of a completely biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning solution that is infused with helpful probiotics to give the floor a deep microscopic cleaning.   These cleaners can be found for just about all home cleaning applications including, floor cleaners, furniture cleaners, sink cleaners, shower cleaners, toilet cleaners, and just about every other type that you could think of.  There is even a powerful probiotic gel that creates a film to keep a dirt resistant microbial environment in place for a long period of time.  The probiotic gel can be very helpful for areas that are subject to persistent dirt and grime.  There are also probiotic cleaners made specifically for removing and preventing odors in traditionally smelly areas such as bathrooms and garbage cans. 

Probiotics in Your Home
If you are interested in joining the legions of people now keeping their homes non-toxic, odor free and clean down to the microscopic level, there are a large variety of options now at your disposal.  The first option is to hire a San Diego house cleaning service that specializes in the use of probiotic cleaners.  Hiring experienced professionals to do the job has a number of benefits over trying to take the DIY approach.  Although, archives of information on the subject can be found online, new products are always making their way on to the market that can be hard to keep track of. 

An experienced cleaning service with this specialty will not only know what probiotic products are best for each application in your home but will also be up to date with new and more effective products as they become available.  With such a service, you can be sure that your home will remain in a perfectly odor free and microscopic state of shimmering cleanliness.  Another major benefit of using a green cleaning service is that, as they will have a full arsenal of probiotics at their disposal, you will not need to invest your own time or money into purchasing an array of products to suit all of the needs at your home. 

Furthermore, in our modern busy lifestyles it can be difficult to spend the necessary time required in keeping a home healthy and clean.  Even if you have a strong desire to do it yourself and do it right, chances are that with busy schedules you will be compelled to rush the job.  Still, if you prefer to stock up on products and do the cleaning yourself, probiotics can now be easily found and purchased online. 

If you’d prefer to purchase the cleaning supplies in person, do a search for stores in your area that stock probiotics.  Make sure they have a good selection or at least carry the specific products that you need.  A little bit of online research can go a long way in finding the exact probiotics you should be looking for.  Whatever route you decide to take, you’ve made a wise choice in switching to probiotic cleaners.  You can be sure that your home will not only be cleaner, but safer for you and your family.



  1. Marcia Lee says

    I had never heard of probiotic cleaning products, but it makes sense that they can help eliminate and prevent odors at their source, clean deep down beyond what you can see with the naked eye, create a safe microbial environment, and are totally eco-friendly. I would like to look into this for my home.

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