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I guess I became more conscious of the status of the environment when I became a mom. That is because I started thinking what can be the there for my daughter when she grows up. From then on, I made a conscious effort in any way I can to do something I can to help the environment. The effort became more pronounced when we move here in San Jose. It is a good thing though we were provided with separate trash containers so that we were able to practice segregation.

In our home, there's a designated plastic crate dedicated for plastic and cans. When we are somewhere else or  traveling we don't just dump water bottles and juice cans in the trash can instead we try to bring it home. When the crate is full we sell it on the nearest recycling facility and get some cash, but a lot of times we give it to a  friend who is jobless and tries to make money out of collecting recyclables, hitting tow birds in one shot.

Here are some shocking facts about recycling :

1. U.S. plastic beverage bottle recycling rates are only at about 30%

2. 2.8 Billion plastic bottles ended up in California landfills in 2011

3. Even though a package says it is “100% recycleABLE”, that does not mean it is made with recyclED plastic.  It just means it CAN BE recycled.  In fact, most containers are not made of recycled plastic.

As startling as it is, US has a recycling problem.


Recycling is one of the easiest and most beneficial ways we can all help the environment. Sadly, only about 30% of PET plastic bottles get recycled. For recycling to work, we all have to do our part and make recycling part of our family's routine.

Unfortunately, not all plastic bottles are made with recycled plastic. It’s Arrowhead's goal to continue increasing the use of recycled materials in their bottles, but they need everyone’s help. Currently, there isn’t enough recycled plastic available for Arrowhead to make 100% rPET bottles. 

Say hello again to Arrowhead’s ReBorn Bottle, a new bottle made from 50% recycled plastic – material that can be recycled again and again, so there is no end to its usefulness.


This isn’t Arrowhead’s first environmental initiative. And it won’t be their last. In fact, Arrowhead has a long history of treating Mother Nature right. From preserving and protecting our carefully selected natural spring sources (and acres surrounding them) to sustainable sourcing of waters, from LEED certified facilities to utilizing wind turbines for renewable energy, and constantly improving packaging. The list goes on, just like the recyclability of their ReBorn bottles.

Recycled plastic is simply a better source of plastic. It’s part of Arrowhead’s ongoing commitment to preserving our natural springs, and ensures that every bit of Arrowhead, both inside and out, is truly Born Better. Better IS the new ReBorn Bottle – proof recycling works.



 Arrowhead’s new ReBorn™ bottle is made with 50% recycled plastic and demonstrates how the plastic you recycle can be given a new life.

 Due to the limited supply of high quality recycled plastic, we need your help in recycling so companies like Arrowhead® 100% Mountain Spring Water can use more recycled plastic in our products!

Please do check out Arrowhead ReBorn Bottle on Facebook  and do remember : This is our challenge, to be part of something worthwhile, after all it is going to be for our and our children's own good. This is a call  to practice recycling and help even in our own little ways to build a better world. 

Mind to share your practices in recycling? If none yet, what are your plans?





*This article is sponsored by Arrowhead Waters


  1. Emily

    We don't recycle yet as there isn't service in my area but we use reusable grocery bags and reusable storage containers instead of ziploc and such. 

  2. Tesa

    I love to hear my kids come home from school excited about recycling. It makes me happy to hear when companies are committed to recycling as well.

  3. Marina

    It is sad to see that very few people actually recycle. We've noticed right after recycling our trash has reduced by 2/3rds. It's crazy!!

  4. Cyn

    My city and province seems to be way ahead of so many places with recycling.  Ours is covered by our taxes and picked up at the same time as our trash.  We have incentives in place for people to recycle more and put less in the trash.

  5. Andrea Kruse

    We really cut back on the items that need to be recycled in the first place. I have stainless steel bottles and coffee travel mugs. The baby bottles we used were glass and glass is my preference for storage containers. Since we live on a farm there are always uses for plastics to be be repurposed. We do what we can to just avoid recyclables when possible.

  6. LisaLisa

    Great post! We do a lot of recycling here in my home. It would be so nice to get others on board as to recycling. No plastic bottles in our home anymore!

  7. Grace Hodgin

    There really does need to be a re-educating of the mind for some as I know they think it is too much of a chore to recycle.  I know my recycle center could make it easier by placing the bins closer to the trash bin as it is a constant drive, stop, get out, dump, ect.  It is so important to recycle.

  8. Monica

    We try to live as green a life as possible.  We have curbside compostables pick-up, we recycle all paper, cardboard, plastics, have switched all of our lightbulbs to energy efficient style, if we're hiking or walking our water bottles are stainless steel reusable and we always bring our own mugs if getting drive thru coffee.  We have also participated in community beach cleanups.
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  9. Amber Edwards

    I love Arrowhead water! To me it is the only bottled water that doesn't taste like processed plastic! Maybe its because of the recycled plastic? Either way, I love the stuff and now I'm even more in love with it being environmentally friendly!

  10. Sofia

    Washington State and Oregon are both big on recycling. When we lived in Colorado it was amazing that they did not recycle at all!! There was no recycling pick-ups or trash cans just for it. My family does the best we can to do our part. Hope more people will join in our efforts.


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