Stay At Home Mom

I am a stay at home mom for almost three years now and so far I am still enjoying it. There are a lot of times that I wish I can go back to working mode, and that is during those times when I want something bad to buy and the family's budget is just enough for our basic needs. I do not have any remorse with this choice because the time I spend away from the corporate world is the time I spend with my daughter and witness her milestones. I can still remember how I planned her 1st birthday party last year and now she's already two. It is a good thing though that the internet has given me a new world that I can explore even I am at home. Just one click here and there and I can go to places I have never been and search for almost anything under the sun.

For one thing, staying at home gave me a new opportunity to express myself, my ideas and share my experiences and that is by blogging. At the same time blogging has given me a chance to earn a little and introduced me into a new world and gave me new horizons to take. It has given me the experience to try and review products and have my voice heard by stating my thoughts thru my posts. Along the way, I also get to meet people that in one way or another has helped me to become a better person and appreciate life more. 

It is really a wonder how a few clicks can turn small things into something big. As always the law of life still applies. Along with the advancement of technology, let me remind you that I am not gobbled up in all its conveniences. I still enjoy the simple treats life has to offer like fun play time with my daughter and Sundays at the park and/or zoo with my family. As much as I want to have all the latest gadgets, (I have wanted an iPad, a Kindle and an iPhone for the longest time) I make my life/our lives work with just a laptop in my possession. My husband and I own camera phones but we usually use it to document our daughter's milestones.

I should say, life just needs to be simple to enjoy it just a click here and there and that just does it. 




  1. Karren Haller

    Good morning Icar, I loved reading this story, Im glad you get to see all those milestones with your daughter and yes sometimes it can be rough on finances but then you would not have had the experiences and memories you have created to share with your little girl!! Thanks for sharing, have a great day as a SAHM!

  2. Dorothy Boucher

    i think its wonderful when you can do or are able to do the things that make life that much more pleasureable 😉

  3. Karren Haller

    I too have found that blogging is such a great outlet for being creative whether creating banners for my posts, putting together an event or just talking about something I love. But the best part is the friends I have met and its open to so much more. Thanks for your views, I enjoyed reading them, Karren


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