Flowers For Me!

Valentine's Day has ended ,well actually it has been more than a week, (and pretty soon it will be March!) so I wonder how was everyone's Valentine celebration? Well I do hope that with a date or not, you were all happy. Besides, it shouldn't be just a one day fiasco, everyday should be Valentine's Day-to spread love and happiness.

As for me, I didn't really have one that you can consider a romantic one. But this Valentine is a milestone for me and my husband because this is our first Heart's Day together. After a decade and a year of being together believe or not, this is the only time that we were able to greet eachother "Happy Valentine!" in person. Actually that's the first thing we did when we opened our eyes that day. For the past ten years, it has just been cards, cakes and flowers that do it for us.

Well, two days before V-Day, we went on a date, where else but at Chuck E' Cheese! My daughter and husband had a grand time, exploring the games and rides. On February 13, we went on a movie date. My husband and I were hesitant at first as to how Ceana will behave inside the movie theater, but then we got a fair deal when we bought our tickets, that if she will cry inside and we needed to leave immediately then our tickets will be refunded. Lucky though, that Ceana enjoyed the experience to the point that she fell asleep maybe after half an hour. 


Surprise or no surprise? That is actually my question when my husband left for work on Valentine morning. I admit that I have been used of receiving flowers (and I mean dozen of long-stemmed roses), from him every year during Valentine's and some other special occasions. So I am really thinking what could it be this year? I was actually "dreaming" of a special gift from him-maybe the handbag that I have always wanted to buy or some of those stylish magnetic bracelets? Or maybe the rubber shoes that I have been eyeing to buy just recently. 

It was just a usual day, not even an invite for a romantic dinner for two (but I know this will not be possible since we have no one to left Ceana with). I was getting disappointed but still prepared dinner as usual. He came home, greeted me with a kiss with nothing on his hands! How uncool! I can feel my disappointment surging through me…but then as we were about to eat, he stood up and came back with these for me :


They may not be the prettiest and most expensive flowers but I know it came from the heart, the thought behind it comes from deep within. 

We concluded the night snuggling together in bed and watching The Incredibles. It may not be the romantic date candle-lit dinner Valentine's date I have dreamed of but nonetheless, the precious time we were together is truly enough. Waking up everyday with a sweet daughter and a loving husband beside me is indeed a reason for thanksgiving and praise, and ample reason to celebrate Valentine's Day everyday. 


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    I think they are very pretty and the balloon is a nice touch! we don't have anyone to look after our three boys either so we have to include them in our plans as well

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    This is a very nice surprise! I can't believe you never ever have spent the day together. That's crazy. Glad you had a chance this year. I did not get flowers this year and we had to set up our night out like three weeks earlier. That was okay though. Not complaining. Doesn't matter when you do it as long as you make the time to be together. I haven't done Chuck E. Cheese in years now. I miss that.

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