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I was ecstatic when my friend and former colleague, Mae squealed to me that she will be tying the knot in December. She is like my younger sister that's why it was also a mixture of emotions when we exchanged ideas about her wedding plans. Weddings are actually a combustion of different emotions which are usually extreme in nature. During our whole chit-chat I can't help but reminisce my own church wedding which took place almost 4 years ago…

Believe it or not, I was the one who prepared EVERYTHING for my wedding. As we are on tight budget, I really don't have an allocation for a professional planner because they are expensive in our area, unlike the wedding planner Mississippi which can be hired at an affordable fee. The only advantage I saw in working on your own wedding is that you can be as detailed as you want. Like for mine, I decided to splurge on the things that will make lasting memories : 

  • Photo/Video : Make sure to make every memory count by getting the best photo and video services. There is no better way to document such important milestones in our lives except for pictures and videos. if there's one thing you need to invest on your wedding this is it!
  • My Wedding Gown : Everyone will look beautiful on her wedding day, there's no denying about the "glow" that you see only in brides. But the bride's total look may be affected by her wedding dress/gown. Make sure that the gown you will choose will really speak for your personality. The gown can also be a family heirloom which your daughter can wear in her own wedding someday. 
  • Flower Arrangement : I really wanted a nice flower arrangement for my wedding, I think most women would. So I decided to get the services of a local supplier and got ideas from a wedding florist Meridian MS. It turned out great and my bouquet was superb! Just what I wanted!

What about you, what did you splurged on during your wedding?


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    Sometime next years I plan on renewing my wedding vows. My first wedding was a simple justice of the peace. Nothing fancy just me, him and my parents. I plan on splurging on my dress and the pictures…. I have nothing to look back on that symbolizes our wedding. So i gotta make the second time count.

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    I had my wedding dress picked out about two years before I even met my husband–It was my biggest splurge for sure–I did everything myself too with the exception of my own flower arrangement, I was blessed to have a friend who's very talented in that department-I just picked out the flowers and POOF a wonderful arrangement was made. As for the photographer my Uncle is a wedding photographer so again LUCKY—and he didn't mind listening to the ideals I had for poses, don't know if I would have felt as comfortable bringing them up to another photographer=}

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