My Baby Is Tinkie!

Honestly, this post is more than three months in the making. I feel so guilty posting about other things in this blog and not being able to write about this important milestone in my and my daughter’s life. My baby turned a  year old on January 6th. I was reluctant at first to have a celebration since Hubby will not be home for the special occasion. But realizing things and getting out of my ‘sentimental’ mode, I planned for a simple but fun party for my little princess. So let me share some details of our celebration.
To start off, this is one the dresses I ordered online and its matching shoes. I really love the dresses because of its superb quality. Unfortunately I was not able to capture a clear photo of the other dress.
Totsy finds
I have planned a Jollibee Kiddie Party for the event. First, fast food parties are easier to prepare and also more affordable I guess, with all the expenses that we had and survived since January, I can say I really made a wise choice. 
tarpaulin at Jollibee
I prepared everything for the party, from the invitation down to the giveaways. On prior occasions like my wedding for instance, I always made sure to have some personal touch on the details. For my daughter’s birthday I admit, it was my decision to have a Tinkerbell theme. Why? Just so because I love the color green and I like Tinkerbell. Period. 
Celebrations are not complete without the cake. I wanted Ceana’s cake to be a beautiful one. I have searched for the web for cake designs. When I was able to come down to a choice, I called the bakeshop owner who happened to be a family friend. Believe me when I say that Tita Gem and I were not able to really sit down to decide on the cake design details. Since the planning for the party was done in December which is a busy month, she just asked me to send thru email the design and she will quote it for me. I have no qualms about the outcome of the cake, actually I was excited to see it-it was delivered directly to the venue for free as well.
It cost me Php 2800 or roughly around $65-70
the original cake design is made of fondant, since I am not much into fondant I decided to  request for boiled icing instead

details of the cake
the cake topper
Loot bags are a staple in a party. These are the game prizes for Ceana’s party courtesy of Jollibee. 
Aside from that I am lucky enough that my husband’s cousin Joy, who is an event organizer/planner has pledged for some  giveaways which are Tinkerbell bags for the girls and Ben 10 for boys, which both have a set of matching pencils inside.
In addition to that, this trying hard crafty mommy has made these lollipop towels with love. I have folded and wrapped the whole set (70 pieces) all by myself. This is the personal touch I have incorporated in this celebration. What do you think?
And finally this is my Baby Tinkie! Here’s Ceana all dressed up in her Tinkerbell costume. Initially I have been looking for this costume online, when it was time to purchase it was already out of stock. I then asked my husband to buy it in Disney Store but apparently is it not available anymore (or the stocks all went out during Halloween). It just so happen that my brother went on vacation in December, he and his family went to HongKong Disneyland for the Holidays. I took the perfect time to ask them to buy the costume if available. This is what they bought:
Disney’s Tinkerbell costume HK$450 with matching head wreath HK$100
The costume was made for a 3 year old tot but after some adjustments, a stitch here and there,it just became perfect for our birthday girl. Two thumbs up for the costume and since it is made of good quality materials-100% cotton, it did not create any tantrums or irritating reactions from the celebrant. She actually enjoyed the costume the whole party until it’s time to blow her Tinkerbell Cake :
time to blow her cake
The party’s highlight is the appearance of the mascots. Joliibee is the mainstay mascot but I have paid additional for Twirlie which is the only one available at the branch aside from Jollibee. At this point Ceana now tired and famished cried with fear upon seeing the live and dancing mascots. 
We all had a fun time during the party kudos to the crew who hosted the party very well, she was able to get everyone to participate in the games. I guess we all went home with a smile.
the kids enjoyed the fun-filled games
Uncles and Aunties also participated ad enjoyed the party
en it was time to open the gifts, Ceana still had the energy to open the gifts after a fun-filled tiring afternoon. I really thank my family and friends who were generous enough to shower Ceana with so many gifts and money as well.
That day was tiring but a fulfilled day for me. My daughter has reached a milestone and I cannot be more than a proud mom. Everyday is special, a gift and a miracle. That is breathing life and experiencing it everyday. I cannot thank the Lord enough for all the blessings. Each time I spent with her is precious and the reason why I am not online regularly these past few days-well except for the crappy intcrnet connection is because I chose to spend time with her and be beside her as she explore and discover things…


  1. Glenda says

    Such a cute party Thnaks for sharing it with us. I also Love Tinkerbell and the cake is so adorable as is the baby girl. I love her costume and also the dress you picked out. Great job mom and I am so sorry your husband had to miss it.

  2. chubskulit says

    How charming your little tinkie is! Belated happy birthday, love the dress and the cake! Visiting from Mommy Moments.

  3. Chris says

    That dress really looks nice and the cake is wonderful! You did well mommy! I am sure your little girl will be so happy to see the photos as she grows up :)

  4. MoM from Manila says

    the towel lollipops are cool give aways…seeing your little princess makes me wanna have a little daughter more than ever…cheers to another year for your little one…

    hopping in from MM, hope you can check out churches and history

  5. chubskulit says

    Coming back here, makikibirthday hehehe. Thanks for linking up to Color Connection, I apologize for the late visit, kinda busy at my end . Cookies 'n Creme is one of my entries. Have a great week ahead!

  6. KM says

    That's a really pretty cake, and of course, cutie little Tinkerbell celebrant :)

    Thanks for sharing this over at Happiness Is. See you there for another round of happy posts :)

  7. cheerful says

    such a sweet post, though short preparation…bonggang-bongga ang naging outcome ng party! :) well done mommy and i love everything i've seen, cake looks so great at galing ng mga d-i-y give-aways mo…i like that lollipoop towel. :) naalala ko tuloy iyong first bday ng baby ko, fairy party din. visiting late from happiness is…hope you can visit me back. thanks and have a great week. :)


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